Jodie’s story

North London Hospice provides staff with a range of training opportunities including degree apprenticeships.

A degree apprenticeship enables employees to gain a full undergraduate or master’s degree while working. Degree apprenticeships take three to six years to complete, depending on the course level.

Jodie our Learning and Development Business Partner at North London Hospice, became the organisation’s first ever degree apprentice – passing her degree with first class honours.

Jodie, who joined the hospice in 2016, studied for a BA Hons in Management with Anglia Ruskin University, she started her degree in January 2020. Jodie follows in the footsteps of five healthcare assistants who undertook a foundation degree at Middlesex University, graduating as Nursing Associates in July 2022. North London Hospice is eligible for the scheme as it pays the Apprenticeship Levy.

Jodie said: “I didn’t want to study just any degree and the option with Anglia Ruskin caught my attention because there were several modules related to the third sector. It was also a flexible course which fitted around my life which of course included my work at the hospice.”

Degree apprenticeships are not only a fantastic opportunity for the individuals but also for the organisations involved. Jodie explains: “It has informed my work in the hospice, given me tools in terms of project management, strategic management, and understandings of sustainability, not just when it comes to the environment, but also the ability to evaluate whether a business is viable or not.

“Whilst it might seem daunting when you start, there’s a great sense of achievement. 20 per cent of your time is protected for study each week so it’s also a fantastic opportunity to learn whilst working. It can open doors and helps having the theory to back up what you’re saying.”

Degree apprenticeships are open to all, not just clinical staff, as Jodie explains. “We all contribute, and whilst I am the only non-clinician in my team, we all view different disciplines and backgrounds as an asset. I couldn’t have done it without Kate and my team here at the hospice who have been so supportive. More people should take up the opportunity to do a degree apprenticeship – I recommend it.”

If you would like to discuss your current or future learning needs or plan a bespoke course please do not hesitate to contact the Learning and Development team at North London Hospice.