Angela’s legacy

May 4, 2021



Both of Angela’s parents passed away in the same room of the hospice, five years apart. That room – and the way that the hospice cared for her parents – have left an indelible mark on Angela. That’s why she’s chosen to leave a gift for North London Hospice in her will.

Both parents were cared for in the community first before dying in the hospice building and Angela asserts that the integrated care is one of the reasons why she’s passionate about supporting North London Hospice:

“The care that my parents received was superb, both as in-patients and out-patients. I don’t know what we would have done if the hospice hadn’t been there, it just wouldn’t have been the same”.

Angela remembers fondly how her dad was a proud man and always clean shaven. He hadn’t shaved for a couple of days before entering the hospice and as soon as the nurses found this out and understood his preference, they came in and shaved him the next day. As Angela says: “It was the kindness and respect that meant so much. They really had everything they needed in those final days. It meant that we could stop being carers and just be a loved one for our family at the end”.   

Angela is proud to support North London Hospice and to have left a gift in her will: “I would like everyone to have the same kind of care that my parents had. It’s not only about the patients – the care for the whole family was exceptional. I’m leaving a gift in honour of my parents so that more families can get the support that we did.”

“Will month is a great opportunity to get a will done for free whilst giving something back to charity. It’s credit to charitable local solicitors that they take part and waive their fees”.

Find out more about Will Month here. 

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