We’re here to support carers as well as patients

May 5, 2020

We are all facing new challenges and due to social distancing, shielding and self-isolating, we are having to support each other in new and different ways, and informal support networks are being put under strain. Caring for someone from a distance can be a huge responsibility.

The Care Act easements laid out in the Coronavirus Act 2020, gives local authorities the capacity to delay assessments and reviews and reduce or make changes to care packages and has also impacted on hospital discharge procedures.

North London Hospice’s Social Work team are here to support you, the carers of our patients, wherever you might be.

We can phone you to provide:

  • Emotional support – the opportunity to talk about how the situation is impacting on you
  • A wellbeing call to the person you support
  • Information about welfare benefits and grants that might be available
  • Signpost you to other agencies, including the North London Compassionate Neighbours scheme
  • Provide information about some of the changes that are taking place in systems of care provision.

Here are a few more tips to caring from a distance.

Say ‘YES’ to help

The person you care for may have friends or neighbours where they live who will be happy to ring and check on them.  Community networks such as local religious groups or good neighbour schemes can often offer practical help and support opportunities.

There are other local services, groups and networks who can support the person you care for to maintain all aspects of their wellbeing, they can assist with shopping, telephone contact and collecting medication

For more information visit the website of the local council relevant to the person and type directory into the search bar to access information.

Using technology to keep in touch 

If it is possible try and support the person you care for to use some basic technology. Video calling can be more helpful than a telephone conversation and can ease loneliness, you could consider Face TIme, WhatsApp Video calling or Skype and Zoom.

Many people are being very creative and developing various social network opportunities to hold quiz groups or family story times, including North London Hospice. Why not join our weekly quiz on Zoom on Wednesdays at 8pm? People are also managing to celebrate birthdays and other events thanks to the wonder of technology.

Check the hospice website and social media accounts so you and the person you support can become involved in our virtual activities.

Independent Living and Reassurance for Concerned Carers

Services are available for people who wish to rent care technology for themselves, a friend or relative, supporting individuals to live independently within their own homes whilst providing reassurance and support 24/7.

Items include fall detectors, medication reminder/dispenser, fire and gas detectors and various sensors. During the current crisis self installation systems are also available. A key safe is also required so people can enter a property in the event of an emergency. Key safes are widely available and can be ordered online or purchased from stores that supply DIY items. They can be discreetly sited and the code is only shared with those who need routine or emergency entry.

Whether you have a question about equipment features, plans, pricing or anything else contact suppliers directly, there are several independent providers, including:

Barnet                                    0203 006 0062                                    Argenti

Enfield                                    0208 803 1524                                    Safe and Connected

Haringey                                0208 489 2365                                    Safe and Sound

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