With North London Hospice I feel I am in good hands and I don’t feel alone

July 9, 2021

Edgar, 39, and wife Thelma emigrated from South Africa in December 2020 and just weeks later he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.


“My wife is a nurse so we moved for her work and haven’t yet built up a network of friends so we have really appreciated the support of the hospice. If it’s not the hospice staff, then no one knocks at my door, so it is good to know that I can pick up the phone and they will answer and support us.  That means such a lot.


“The doctors have been a great help but also the social workers have helped us with things like food vouchers as I am unable to work right now.”


Edgar was an estate agent in South Africa but is now studying web design at home in New Barnet. “I want to keep busy so am learning the guitar and studying. I had no idea I was sick when we moved here but my mind is robust and I believe in working with what I can and not worrying over what I can’t control. It’s good to have the hospice there to help.


“I receive visits every other week and regular calls to check that I am OK and that means such a lot to me. I feel lonely a lot of the time and I really appreciate knowing that someone has me in their mind. With North London Hospice I feel I am in good hands and I don’t feel alone.”

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