Trusts and Grants

North London Hospice is grateful for the support of many Charitable Trusts and Foundations. Trust donors support all aspects of our operations and have been essential to the establishment, continuation and growth of the Hospice.

Our main need is for unrestricted revenue funding – which is our day to day running costs. The majority of this money pays for our clinical and support staff who offer the care and comfort required by our patients. In addition to core funding, we have an exciting range of funding opportunities for capital items, development work, and one-off projects. Whether general or restricted, your grant or donation can make a tangible difference to the services and facilities we provide, and ultimately to the people and their families that we support.

Charitable trusts and foundations have recently supported our work with specific projects such as:

  • A total of £9500 was funded by four different trusts/foundations towards replacement boilers for our inpatient unit in Woodside Park.
  • 18 pressure relieving mattresses were generously funded by a large national charity at a total cost of £9000.

We have a wide range of areas that can be supported and we are always keen to talk to new trusts about the opportunities that exist at North London Hospice. If you require further information, or if you have any connections with Trusts we would be delighted to hear from you.

Please email or call Alice on 020 8446 2288.

Whether you are an existing supporter or new to us, we would be delighted to welcome you to tour our hospice. A visit will provide a real insight into our work and explain how your funding could help.

Finally… A big thank you to our previous and existing funders.