How you can get involved

  • Collection Boxes: Have a collection box in the reception of your office or workplace.
  • Hold your own events: Small scale events such as bake off, wear an ugly jumper to work or larger scale such as Golf Days.
  • Volunteering: Volunteer your time to one of the many hospice events happening throughout the year.
  • Sponsorship: Promote a sustainable image for your corporate brand by supporting one of our challenges or special events.  We are always looking for financial support in order to host a calendar of events, which appeal to a wide variety of people of all ages and backgrounds.  
  • Challenge Events: Encourage your colleagues to take part in challenges or sports events; they can gain sponsorship for doing walks, runs, cycling or even a sky dive! 
  • Charity of the Year: You could select North London Hospice as your charity of the year. Set a target that you would like to reach and our dedicated fundraising team will work beside to ensure you reach it. 

To find out more, download our Corporate Fundraising Guide.

To discuss becoming one of our charity partners please email the fundraising team or call 020 8446 2288.