About us

North London Hospice is a registered charity that has been caring for local people since 1984. We are committed to empowering patients with life limiting illnesses, supporting them to achieve the best quality of life possible.

We welcome people from all faiths and communities within the boroughs of Barnet, Enfield and Haringey. We provide physical, emotional and spiritual care to patients and families, friends and carers.

Everyone is treated as an individual and our  multi-professional team consists of specially trained doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, social workers, counsellors and chaplains. Everyone working at North London Hospice is committed to ensuring that patients receive our full support, enabling them to choose how they receive our care. Our goal is to  help patients live life to the full despite their illness.

As well as our inpatient unit at Woodside Avenue (N12), where patients receive 24 hour care, we also work within the wider community to improve people’s quality of life. Our Health & Wellbeing services, where patients visit andenjoy a wide variety of activities and therapies, to providing support in our patients’ homes, to our Community Palliative Care Teams

As a registered charity, North London Hospice provides free Specialist Palliative Care Services. We receive some government funding,rely on donations and legacies to meet the cost of providing our exceptional care and support.  It costs more than £13m every year to fund our services.

Our care

North London Hospice is committed to providing the highest quality palliative and end of life care.


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Latest news

Latest news on North London Hospice services, fundraising activity and patient and family experiences.

Our history

In 1981 St. Columbus Hospital finally closed its doors after operating for nearly 100 years as North London’s only long-stay hospital. Up until that point it had been the only place where those suffering with a life-limiting illness could receive treatment in North London. Hospitals would usually discharge people back into the community with no after care . Those who were unable to afford their own private help were unable to get the care they needed.

It was an unacceptable situation for North London’s residents, and one that galvanised a local Highgate GP, Dr Chris Hindley, to take action.  He formed a small working group to begin the long process of creating the North London Hospice, and was soon joined by Harriet Copperman OBE, who was to become the public face of the Hospice with her outreach team.

“Right from the start, I stipulated that the new place was to have a simple name – just North London Hospice,” says Dr Hindley, “with no specific religious connotation. I felt strongly that the two other London hospices were connected to the Catholic and Anglican faiths and that this Hospice should be for everyone.”

During this time the Jewish community also began planning the development of a hospice, and after some lengthy negotiations with Dr Hindley and the team it was decided that the Jewish Welfare Board (now Jewish Care) would formally join the North London Hospice Group.

This is how North London Hospice, the UK’s very first multi-faith hospice was born. However, it certainly wasn’t all plain sailing. On numerous occasions the project nearly faltered, and it would be years before the North London Hospice finally became a reality. But with the tireless help and support of many groups and individuals along the way, such as the Peabody Trust, the Jewish Welfare Board, and Melvyn Carlowe OBE, Chris Hindley’s vision was finally realised.

The Hospice began operating a community service in 1984. In 1992 the current hospice building on Woodside Avenue was opened and the multi-professional service expanded to include inpatients and day services.

Over 35 years have gone by since Dr Hindley, Harriet Copperman OBE and Melvyn Carlowe OBE first developed the idea of a hospice for the people of North London. Thanks to them and everyone who has donated time, services and money over the years, the Hospice now brings much-needed specialist care to those living locally with a life limiting illness.

“We now work across  3 London boroughs, Barnet, Enfield and Haringey. “I do feel proud and very pleased that The North London Hospice is here and helping so many local people. In fact, I can’t believe how far we have come. It still gives me such pleasure to come to events here like the annual Light up a Life and mingle with local people and their families. The help and support of the local community is so important; we wouldn’t be here without it.

“It pleases me that I was able to set the ball rolling and give the Hospice the necessary push it needed – but this thing still needs steering. Now that I am semi-retired, I have time to think about where the Hospice is going and what the future holds and I can see that our work is far from over!”


Home care & social work services begin from Harriet Copperman's flat in Muswell Hill


Building appeal launched and first shop opens


Purpose built multi-faith hospice opens in North Finchley


Day Centre welcomes its first patients


Room of quiet, library, lecture room and extra offices added


First Enfield Palliative Care Team run by North London Hospice


Hospice at home established


Parts of original building refurbished and facilities updated


Building work starts on new Day Services centre in Enfield


New Hospice building opens and Day Services transferred to Enfield

Mission, vision and values

Mission statement

We are committed to providing the best care for people with a potentially life-limiting illness, and aim to add quality and meaning to their life journey.

We do this in the following ways:

  • delivering specialist palliative care across Barnet, Enfield and Haringey
  • providing additional support and services to meet individual needs
  • sharing our skills and experience to influence others providing care
  • maximising and supporting community involvement

We provide this care and support to people in their own homes, care homes or at our North London Hospice in Finchley and Health & Wellbeing Centre in Enfield.

Vision statement

Our vision is that everyone in our diverse community who is affected by a potentially life limiting illness will have equal access to the services and support they need to optimise their quality of life.


Our values

Trusting Relationships

Ensuring effective collaboration and team working


Ensuring continuous improvement

Learning & Developing

Ensuring continuous personal and team development

Good Communication

Ensuring clarity, respect and mutual understanding

North London Hospice Environmental Pledge

The North London Hospice Environmental Pledge relates to services and activities undertaken by the hospice and applies to all our staff and volunteers. We are committed to minimising the environmental impact of our day to day activities and recognise we have a responsibility to deliver our services in the most environmentally sensitive manner possible.

As an organisation North London Hospice is committed to:

• Ensuring compliance with all relevant legislation and regulations relating to environmental issues.

• Regularly reviewing the environmental impact of our activities, endeavouring to reduce our overall environmental impact and prevent waste.

• Developing an environmental programme to engage staff and volunteers to increase awareness of environmental issues and enable them to complete their tasks in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

As an individual all North London Hospice staff and volunteers can reduce their impact on the environmental by:

• Minimising resource wastage including lighting, heating, water and materials such as paper

• Recycling/re-using wherever possible – this includes making donations to our charity shops

• Considering daily journeys – is it possible to walk /cycle/use public transport?

• Engaging with environmental initiatives and becoming an North London Hospice Green champion

North London Hospice will continue to strive to offer a full range of services and activities while reducing its environmental impact.

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