Patient and Family Support and Social Care

Family and Patient Support

When someone is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, everyone around them is affected, often in ways they don’t expect. Our Patient and Family Support team includes palliative care social workers, social work assistants and volunteers who can provide emotional and practical support and chaplaincy/spiritual support.

Relationships – the core of all we do

We help people with: 

  • expressing what is important to them
  • talking openly about death, dying and bereavement
  • making decisions and choices
  • facilitating discussions that resolve conflict, chaos and negotiate solutions
  • creating and developing memory making resources

Social Work

Working in partnership with you, and those close to you, we listen, understand and help you achieve what is important to you, by exploring your options and helping you to make choices.

During challenging times, relationships may come under pressure and support from someone outside your usual network can help everyone adjust to their new and ever changing situation. People often benefit from talking about how they are feeling with someone they don’t know personally.

Children and young people need help to understand what is happening and the changes they can see. Talking to them can be daunting and we can help you feel more confident to approach these conversations, looking at having open discussions and answering difficult questions. We can also give additional information and tell you about other agencies who can help.

Thinking ahead and involving those close to you can be very beneficial. You may want to write down your wishes and preferences to make sure you are in a position to influence what happens to you. We cannot give legal advice or prepare legal documents but can help you find support.

Many people find their social and financial situations can change. We can help you get information about:

  • Welfare benefits
  • Your care and support needs
  • Transport and mobility
  • Housing

Look at our online directory to find some of the information you need. Instead of dealing with everything yourself, it can be useful to have a professional alongside you. 

This what people we supported have said about our services:

“It gave me a safe space to talk about the things I couldn’t share with anyone else”

“The social worker got to know and supported our whole family, it made such a difference and is something we all appreciated”.

Contact our social workers:

Ring 020 343 8441 and ask to speak with a social worker or email